Friday, June 5, 2009


I had one of those "um-yeah-that-was-so-obvious" moments yesterday.
I write for girls.

I didn't mean to, but it seems that my books are aimed mainly at the female sex. The first book I ever wrote (that is still looking for a good home) had a boy MC because that was the way it came to me, and I think that is what has caused my realization delay. I always thought I was an equal-opportunity writer.

I don't "mean" to write any kind of book for an particular audience. My ideas usually start with a main character, and whoever it is determines that kind of book it will be. Dirty Little Secrets has a main character named Lucy, the first pass of the cover (which I love) has a girl on it, and while it is dark and is about hoarding, it also has a strong romantic thread with some kissing in Chapter 18.

In conversation with my fabbo editor MK, I mentioned that the cover with the girl on it might deter boys from picking up the book. While she was polite and nice as always, MK pointed out that it really is written with girls in mind. Going over it in my head, I realized she was right. Not that boys wouldn't enjoy and identify with a lot of the content (except the kissing in Chapter 18 - did I mention that?), but as my son says, they can always take the jacket off so they aren't embarrased to carry it around. He's a boy and he liked it.

The new book I'm working on is also a YA, but it is unabashedly a summer romance so yeah, that was was aimed at girls on purpose. The zygote of an idea that I'm incubating next also seems to have a girl as an MC.

So while I go on about boy equality and want to write things that my sons will want to read, I'm afraid that most of the characters that come through whatever filter is in my brain are girls.

Sorry guys!

On this date: In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was shot.

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