Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Done...for now

It was still technically the 15th on the West Coast when I sent my revision to my editor, so I'm counting that as on time. Yes, I did get it done and fairly painlessly, my pissing and moaning notwithstanding. This one was easy - it's the last one that is going to be hard. This time around, I know I have another chance. MK is going to write all over it in pencil and pop sticky notes in the margins and send it back to me for at least one more go round. I still have another chance. The revision that is giving me nightmares is the last one - the one where, once I turn it in goes to copyediting and then on to the printer to be set in stone for ever and ever. Ack!

On another note, it turns out that Clarion is going to make posters of this cover:

It is going to have a time zone map on the back to encourage schools and libraries to get a copy. Whoo hooo! Do you think it will be too obnoxious to plaster my car with these? Put one on the front door? Hmmm...

On this date: In 1775, Jane Austin was born.


Natalie said...

I'll tell our school's librarian to get one for sure.

Congrats on finishing round one of your edits!

Disco Mermaids said...

Wallpaper your house with 'em! Congrats!!!