Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Darwinian Halloween

There's always a fight around Halloween. We need to find the delicate middle ground between my need to avoid the ewww factor and my adolescent's need to be scary. This year, I let him get this mask:

Which he is planning to wear with a thrift-store suit and a purple velvet hat, so I'm not entirely sure what the idea is. My favorite part was the warning that came on the tag:

"If the holes need to be enlarged, trim the mask with a sharp pair of scissors. DO NOT TRIM MASK WHILE WEARING IT. Do not wear mask while: Driving, Smoking, Sleeping, Swimming."

On this date: In 1951, I Love Lucy premiered.


Under the Covers said...

I hear you. My son wants to go scary this year too -- he got a Dick Cheney mask. (Ba-dum-ch!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyn--
I saw your tenner request but haven't received an email from you. Do you want to be a member or a watcher? I see you have a book out in 2009?

That is a different group--

You can email me here
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