Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"The best part about being Akhet is that you remember everything. The worst part is that you forget nothing." 

With every new vision from her past lives, Cole understands more about who she is in this life…and her love for Griffon grows as quickly as her unique Akhet abilities. Able to sense people’s innermost emotions, Cole is a much needed asset to the Akhet’s worldwide plan. Then she meets a young millionaire named Drew who reveals a startling connection to Cole’s life in Elizabethan England. His intense desire to restore their past confuses and excites Cole but his affections complicate her plans with both Griffon and the Akhet. When her best friend Rayne is endangered by Cole’s carelessness, Cole must find a way to save Rayne and prevent the Akhet’s plans from falling into the hands of people out to destroy the world. Only by trusting in herself and her newfound abilities can Cole fight for her friend, her love, and her rightful destiny.

 I'm so thrilled that INTUITION is out in the world today! It's been getting some great reviews - you can read what I Heart Y.A. Fiction had to say and the review from  Into the Hall of Books to see what some other people have had to say. One of my favorite things is how great the two books look together on the shelf - you can almost see Cole's story developing on the spines:

As always, I love supporting my local indies, but if you don't have a bookstore close by, you can always get it at Barnes and Noble, Indiebound or Amazon. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy reading Cole's story as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


Nicole Rose said...
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Nicole Rose said...

Will there be a third book in this series?