Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drumroll.....The Cover of INTUITION!

I'm so happy I finally get to share the gorgeous new cover for INTUITION (out in June), the sequel to TRANSCENDENCE:


From the back cover:
As Cole begins to accept her new life as Akhet, every new vision from her past helps explain more about who she is in this life. Her love for Griffon grows as quickly as her Akhet abilities, while Cole learns to recognize other Akhet around her, including Drew, a young millionaire who reveals a startling connection - he was Cole's true love in Tudor England. But Drew's intense desire to restore their past relationship alienates Griffon. Caught between the person she was in the 15th century and the person she is today, Cole must decide who she loves and quickly figure out her place in the Akhet's worldwide plan as a rogue member threatens to destroy them all.

I LOVED diving back into Cole's world and hope you all enjoy it in June!

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Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR said...

Omg I cannot wait. I just love that she had a life in Tudor England and I'm all around excited. Six-ish months isn't too bad (I'll keep telling myself that!). The cover is beautiful!