Friday, August 12, 2011

So How Was LA?

Every August, kidlit writers converge for summer camp, also known as the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrator's) conference. This year was the 40th anniversary, so there was record attendance with over 1,300 people.

This was the view from our room. LA even looked pretty for us.

There were some amazing speakers!

Richard Peck was a master of the subtle glance to get a laugh. He was awesome.

Laurie Halse Anderson told us to stop volunteering and get to work. She even gave me a hug, because that's how we roll.
If you ever get a chance to sit down and talk to Gary Paulson, take it. Tell us more about jail Gary!

And then Judy Blume stopped by to chat with Lin Oliver for awhile. It was the dream of just about every woman in the room to hear her speak. She even told us what she wants on her tombstone. What is it? You had to be there.

Of course, everyone knows the real doing is happening in the lobby. Here's me with fabbo EMLA clients Ruth McNalley Barshaw (my son's personal hero) and the amazing (and not-so-shrinking violet) R.L. LeFevers.

And Robin with up-and-coming superstar Mike Jung.

Robin Mellom and her lovely agent Jill Corcoran.

Me and the lovely Lee Wind.

Greg Pincus and the glowing Eve Porinchak.

And then there was the party. It was crazy. Crazy good.

Shelli Johannes-Wells and Robin Mellom looking a little sleepy.

Suzanne Young and my roomie Christy Raedeke getting reacquainted.

We're still not sure who let Miss Elaine in.

And those are all of the photos that I'm allowed to post. So how was LA? Let's just say we're counting down the next 359 days until we can do it again. Ahem. Because it's such hard, hard work.


Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

You have a fabulous blog! I want to award you the Brilliant Writer Blog Award for all the hard work you do!

Go to and pick up your award.

Christy Raedeke said...

Love your photo recap! It was an absolute blast - how will they ever top that next year?