Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets - After

By far, the question I get most often about DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS is: What happened after the book ends? People want to know what happened to Lucy, if she stayed with Josh, where she lived and if she and Kaylie stayed friends.

I ended DLS a bit abruptly because I felt that that was where this part of Lucy's story ended. If you look closely, you can get some hints about what happens next. A lot of people like it that way - curtain down, end of story. Apparently, a lot of people don't and really want to know what happens after page 210. For those people, I bring you...THE LAST CHAPTER.

Click on that link and you will be able to read AFTER, the last chapter of the book that is only available on my website. There you will find the answers to a lot of questions about what happens after page 210, but I warn you - ONLY READ THE LAST CHAPTER AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK. I'm serious about that. There are HUGE spoilers that IMHO will ruin the regular reading of DLS.

Lucy and I hope you enjoy!


Kristen Schwartz said...

You were so adept at describing Lucy's internal struggle in DLS and that skill definitely carries through in this last chapter. Really well done and an excellent addition! Alright...back to that picture book spread I'm avoiding...

Ceci Garrett said...

You already know this, I'm sure...but it's almost like you wrote what the last 18 months of my life would have been like if I hadn't done the show.

On a side note, last summer we were back in the DC area on vacation. We made a trip to drive past the old place. Same outside, but I knew the inside was brand spanking new.

Ironically, I realize that the same could be said of my heart and life--the same outside but brand new on the inside!

Thank you for writing a book that makes me less of a freak, giving a voice to the survivors--public and private!

With deep admiration and appreciation!

Najela said...

Thank you so much. I loved the ending of DLS, but I wanted to know what happened to Lucy and everything. I'm very excited to read this.

CJ Omololu said...

Thanks Kristen and Najela!

Ceci - that was beautiful! You are such a great writer, I hope we all get to read the memoir someday soon. I'm so glad you liked it and are coming into your own as a public speaker and a wonderful woman.

holly cupala said...

Very well done, Cyn - it's nice to have a little peek into life after for Lucy, Josh, and Kaylie. I felt like I knew them and could put myself so easily in Lucy's situation. Thank you for sharing it!