Thursday, December 2, 2010

The LitChicks: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June

I'm back. Mostly. Been a crazy couple of weeks, but things are looking up with my friends, we've finished our move and I'm ready to get back to work.

First up, a LitChicks review from Portia that is sorely overdue:

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May and June by Robin Benway

This is another Ms. Turner book. I think a lot of my review books are. I get so many of my reading books from Ms. Turner because of the advantages previously listed in my last review. She's so up to date with all the latest and greatest releases. :) This book came out last August I believe (that's what it says on the cover of the ARC I was reading, anyway.) I was intrigued by the concept of sisters (you know, 3 sisters that fight but love each other and are totally different - that's practically my life right there) because I have sisters and I like reading about them. I also liked the idea of having "super powers" in a normal world. So, if you were all wondering, write nice books about sisters. They are ah-may-zing. In my opinion. They also usually make me cry....maybe that's a personal problem.

Anyway, this book follows three sisters, April, May and June (wonderful names, huh? Named after the month they were born in. How's that for creative?) as they first discover their powers. (That's "powers.") Apparently, they all had them when they were little, but they faded away only to be re-awoken by their parents' divorce. When the three sisters move with their mom, one day in the car, April has a vision of the future......while May literally disappears............and June is screaming about something she heard.......that someone else was thinking. That's when they all realize...........(dunh dunh dunh dunhhhhh) that they are actually NOT normal. Hm. Well, that's okay, but their powers are starting to affect their daily lives. June desperately wants to be popular and to be friends with the mysterious Mariah.......and achieves that by reading her mind and responding to what Mariah thinks about life and herself. May is the sarcastic, angry middle child who falls in danger of literally disappearing in the middle of her European history tutoring session. April is plagued by a memory of her sister in an accident, and drawn to the intriguing Julian while receiving detailed visions of their future relationship which she has no intention of developing.

Will these darling sisters get their act together in time to save themselves, their mom, and the people they are beginning to hold most dear (cough cough Henry and Julian)??? :) We can only hope. A great story about sisters and the bond they share, the troubles they have, and their desirous for independence each in their own way while trying to stay true to themselves and each other. And not, you know, use their powers for evil.
Everybody knows, "with great power comes great responsibility".
Okay, that wasn't really in the book.

On this date: In 1979, the last AMC Pacer rolled off the assembly line (we had a black one with the license plate RFATCAT - I miss that car).

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