Friday, October 29, 2010

Treats Only!

So The Big Hairy Dog and I were on our morning walk and wanted to share some of the most creative decorations in the neighborhood.

No sure which was scarier - this spider...

...or this one.

You see this lovely neighbor as you cross the bridge over the creek. Don't know that I'm coming this way in the dark.

These guys always do an amazing job - looks like an Egyptian theme this year..

Doctor Who?

These guys are insane! Can you see the size of this thing? Last year was a pirate ship and the year before was a castle. Always worth a look.

Okay, this is in my yard. But I really like 'em.


On this date: In 1929, the stock market crashed.


Indigo said...

Wicked cool neighborhood! Love the skeleton flamingos. (Hugs)Indigo

Julie_c said...

The flamingos are my FAVORITE! I want some!!!

cynjay said...

Viola: Skelemingos