Friday, May 7, 2010

So, How Was the Event?

Me, Jenny Han, Michael Grant, Susane Colasanti and Beth Fantaskey

I have a confession to make - yes, the book came out in February but last night was my very first bookstore event ever. (I'm confident that my publicist won't see this.) The uber-fabulous Jenn Laughgren took pity on me and included me in the launch for Not Your Mother's Book Club at the Books Inc. in Berkeley, CA. (If you're local and haven't been to the new Books Inc. on Fourth St, you should go. It's awesome and I'm going to be hanging around there a lot more.)I've been calling it 'four famous authors and me' because that's what I felt like, but they were all so awesome and made me feel like I belonged.

We all got to sit at the big tables, talk about the book, do a quick read and answer questions. I've seen it done a ton of times, but I have to say it was really amazing to be on the other side of the room. The audience was great and there were some familiar faces (including bloggers Alicia and Nancy and wonderful authors Jandy Nelson and Cheryl Herbsman) so I didn't freak out too much. I always feel like I'm buzzing around and sounding crazy at bookstore events (even ones that aren't my own) but my friend Amy said I came off as normal (of course, she lives next door, so she pretty much has to say that).

Me and Susane signing books.

Beth Fantaskey went first, mostly because my only request was that I NOT go first. She did a great job reading from her newest book Jekel Loves Hyde, but I felt bad for her because she was only in town for 24 hours and was staying out by the airport. I hope she gets to come back and stay longer. I went next and I guess it went fine. It's all a blur. Then Susane Colasanti read and talked about being eternally teen. I have to confess, I was most nervous about meeting her because, well, she's written a bunch of books and met a lot of famous people. But she was really awesome and made me feel great. Then it was Jenny Han's turn to read - I'd read Shug years ago and didn't know what to expect but she was deadpan and hilarious. Last up (and thank God we made him go last because I certainly wouldn't want to follow him) was Michael Grant. If you've ever read The Babysitters Club or Animorphs, you've seen his work - like somewhere between 150 and 200 books. He showed us the new trailer for the Gone series and was a really nice guy.

After questions, we signed books. One of my favorite people who asked me to sign (besides Savannah - loved her and her name) was either a librarian or a teacher at Berkeley High (I'm not sure which - sorry!). She handed me the book with the clear plastic library jacket and the library stamp on the side. It felt so wrong to write in a library book, but she insisted, so there you go. Jenn and Co. also had me sign a ginormous stack of stock copies of Dirty Little Secrets, so if you need one, go to Books Inc. because they have a lot they need to unload. Bookstore events are always really expensive because I have to buy everyone's books and have them signed. This one was no exception (DH, just kidding. I spent no money).

Now that the first one is out of the way, I'm excited to do it again. Of course, Books Inc. has set the bar really high and I can't thank them enough.

On this date: In 1812, Robert Browning was born.


bomololu21 said...

Glad you had a great time. I'd be disappointed if you didn't purchase any books.

Savannah said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I felt all warm and fuzzy.

cynjay said...

I was so thrilled that you came up to say hello! The best part of the night for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia! I had such a fun time with you at Books Inc. Dude, you are already mad profesh. I could not believe that was your first event! Congrats on an awesome achievement <3

cynjay said...

I'll take that compliment from such a professional! Hope we get to do it again soon.