Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Almost Lost Her

My heart is still beating hard at the thought of losing her and I'm filled with gratitude that the great laptop Gods in the sky let me keep her for a little while longer. That's right - my laptop almost died on me. At 3:04 this morning (don't ask why I was on my laptop at 3:04am) I found myself staring at the screensaver because it would not shut down no matter what I did. No CTRL-ALT-DEL, no hybernate, no repeatedly pressing the power key would do anything. I finally had to unplug it and let the battery run down, all the while thinking about what I would lose if I couldn't recessitate my beloved computer. Of course I didn't sleep well all night - I had just finished revising Armadillo Season (more on that angst in another post) and of course hadn't saved it to my flash. Was it the universe's way of telling me that the revision stunk? That I need to wake up and backup more often? That I should start looking at new laptops? As much as I love this one, it's been rode hard and put away wet and has been giving me warning signs for weeks now.

To my great relief, DH was able to get her back up and running with a few turns of the screwdriver. It's like that little tremblor that warns you that the big earthquake is comin'. I'd better start paying attention-my birthday is in, oh, about six months. Now I know what I'm getting. Right after I backup everything onto my flash.

On this date: In 1976, Laverne and Shirley premiered.

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Shelli said...

i HATE when that happens!