Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Late to the Party...

...as usual. Been reading blogs for years (Big A, Miss Snark, Sparks Fly Up, Pubrants to name a few) and have finally decided to jump into the pool with all my clothes on. Uh, that's good news to those of you who have ever seen me in a bathing suit.

Me (boring stuff): Older than I think I should be. Married with two boys (J is 9 and T is 6 3/4 - which is what he'll tell you if you ask). Live in Northern California with aforementioned family, four cats and one big hairy dog. T wants a turtle, but not until the fish die.

Me (slightly more interesting stuff): Kidlit writer. My first picture book called Six O'clock in San Francisco is due out from Clarion in Spring of 2008 (these things take forever). My fabbo new agent Erin Murphy is currently shopping my upper MG called Armadillo Season around to several publishers. Fingers crossed. Currently working on several projects including a couple of picture books and a YA that we'll call Triplets for now. At just over 5k words, it's barely a zygote at the moment, but I'm aiming for a completed first draft by June. I also write reviews and interviews for the amazing website The Edge of the Forest headed by the queen of all things kidlit, Kelly Herold.

Me (things you can't tell by looking): I can ride a unicycle (although my juggling is rusty), I've thrown up on StarTours at Disneyland (recently), I hate tomatoes, bell peppers and rye bread and have been known to go into a New York deli and order corned beef with mayo on white. I wish I could sing.

I love Brotherhood 2.o right now. If you haven't seen it, rush over to John Green's blog at www.sparksflyup.com. The one from today is awesome, but you really have to start from the beginning to get the full effect. My DH got Tivo for his birthday (at least he thinks I got it for him) and being the techie person he is has figured out how to get TLC's What Not To Wear beamed to my laptop. The newest episode has just finished loading, so I have to go.

There. That was fun. Not too embarrassing. Oh wait, is this thing still on....?

On this date: In 1957, Wham-O produced the first Frisbees.

Cynthia Jaynes Omololu
Cynthia Jaynes

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Yay! Welcome, Cyn!!!